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Howell Elfed Lewis is remembered as a minister, poet and hymn writer. He was minister of Tabernacle Chapel, King's Cross, London for over thirty years. He won two Crowns and a Chair at the National Eisteddfod. He was also Archdruid for four years.

Many volumes of his poetry have been published in Welsh and English and similar hymns have been published in both languages. 'Grant me the peace' is still sung at funerals and 'Cofia’n Gwlad' (Remember our Country) is considered a second national anthem.

Howell was born in a small cottage called Y Gangell in the vicinity of Cynwyl Elfed in Carmarthenshire. He was the oldest of 12 children. Rosamund and John were also born in Y Gangell while Lewis was born in the nearby Clun-bach Isaf cottage. In 1868 the family moved to Pant-y-waun where Thomas, Anna, Mary and Dan were born. About 1875 they moved to Penlanchwilor where Samuel and Sarah were born. Ten children lived. The family emphasized attending the services, as well as the meetings throughout the week, at Blaen-y-Coed Chapel.

Howell began preaching before he was 14 and was accepted as a student at the Presbyterian College in Carmarthen at the age of 16 and was ordained in Buckley, Flintshire at the age of 20. He adopted the name 'Elfed' as a reference to the parish where he was born.

He lost his sight in his old days but that did not stop him from continuing to preach. He will be remembered for his velvety voice and as a man who rose from humble circumstances to be one of the most prominent men of his nation.

Elfed died at his retirement home in Penarth on 10 December 1953 at the age of 93. His ashes were buried five days later in Blaen-y-Coed cemetery.

Thanks to the late Miss Muriel Bowen Evans for the information that is relevant to this site

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26 June 2022- 7:15PM S4C

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