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Elfed website Launch night

On Wednesday 25th August 2021 the Elfed Memorial website was officially re-launched by the Coffa Elfed planning committee in the garden of Rhydfelen.

The original website had been lost on the internet and so a new website was put together to digitally preserve Elfed's life and to tell Elfed's stories.

Most of the text on the site is the work of the late Miss Muriel Bowen Evans.

The website has a number of pages about Elfed's life journey; from his upbringing in Blaen-y-coed, to Elfed's beginnings preaching in the chapels of England and Wales, his honour as Archdruid, poet and hymn-writer. The website also contains videos telling the story of Elfed, and interactive photos showing what the Gangell and Rhydfelen looked like in the 1960s.

There are also three interesting stories in Elfed's own words about his experience of growing up in rural Carmarthenshire.

Light refreshments were provided by Catrin Phillips with the technical work led by Cai Phillips.


In the garden of Rhydfelen

Sitting- Mr Gareth Davies (trustee), Mrs Meinir James (treasurer),

Mrs Linda Davies (secretory), Mrs Ann Sillars (member of the planning committee).

Standing- Mr Delme Phillips (chairman), Mr Cai Phillips (member of the planning committee),

Mr John Bowsgill (Y Gangell Caretaker)

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